Bhai Harmandir Singh is now the second victim of Ram Rahim’s killing mobs in India. It is no suprise that the Indian government has not yet responded to the problem, and Ram Rahim is still driving his motorcade around India untouched by the law. Let there be justice, or there shall be no peace.

My prayers are with his family, and I trust that justice will be served with or without the government. It is starting to look grim and bleak that the Sikhs will have the central government’s help to put this mobster behind bars, because it is evident throughout recent history that the Indian government cares very little about the status of the minority Sikhs.

Ram Rahim is a money laundering liar hiding behind a fake facade of religion. He has made a mistake defaming Sikhs and their fragile sentiments for Sikhi. Let the government prove that they do not want stability in Punjab again. The Hindustan government raises the anti-Sikh elements/ cults, and then kill the Sikhs under the label of “terrorism”. We have seen this in the late 1970s into the late 1990s. I pray to Waheguru that the violence and hate ends in Punjab, and the criminal gets what he deserves.