Well today I received my Macbook Pro and a free Ipod touch (after rebate), and I must admit that I am now officially an amateur Apple cult member. The notebook is pure flawless and the LED screen as vibrant as can be. It was between the Dell XPS m1530 or the Macbook Pro, and luckily I chose the Apple. It was expensive, but I went ahead and picked it due to design and power.

The final bill came to 2,800 dollars. It included the Macbook Pro, Photoshop for Mac, Iwork, Ipod Touch, 250 GB Harddrive, 4 GB of Ram, and the rest. If you are looking for a laptop and are stuck, feel free to leave me a comment and I can help you out. I am going to college, and one disadvantage is getting used to the word documents and all.

A feeling of thankfulness overcomes me when I see what I have been blessed with, and I pray that I will be able to pay my parents back. I am forever in debt to my parents for all they have done, both financially and more importantly all the love they have given me. Materialistic possessions satisfy the human mind and emotion for a specific amount of time, but the love overcomes and ferments into an infinite love tied to the beautiful mirage known as life. It is an immortal feeling of the sort when a loved one indebts us with the great gift of sacrifice and giving.

An old proverb goes; Give and forget, but take and forever remember. One must never forget the gifts of others not for their value, but for their sentimental validity. For the love is not transferred in money nor gold, but only in a simple appreciation and compassion for one another that the gift symbolizes. Symbolism is what life is all about, because nothing here is permanent in life, so it is all a facade representing and symbolizing an intangible and infinite forever.

Do not look at the fabric of life and its trials on the surface, because one will miss the intricate weave of each individual thread that creates the overall beauty. Live deeply while appreciating the scent of a temporary and sensory life limited by time and law.