This is my own personal memoir of my life as it happens. My opinions as they form, my views as they appear, my tastes as they change, and my anger as it burns. They say one should wake every morning as if it will be the last in life. Although this is my life exposed to the world, I do not expect people to take full interest in some random person’s life as it happens. This blog is more for my own fulfillment than it is a compelling opening for others. However, I believe lessons are and can be learned by the lives of others untainted by the ideal perfection but instead reality and fallacies of being human.

This life is, indeed, a great adventure that looms into the beautiful sunshine at times, and into the deep darkness of despair during others. It is not so much the straightness or the fairness of the path that leads man to happiness, but instead it depends on man’s attitude as the path unravels.

I will dwelve into all aspects of life – friendships, relationships, politics, spirituality, school, challenges, education, justice, religion, books, movies, lies, and the basic elements of life as they come. I am opening up my life for myself and others.

Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the journey and share your own experieces with me too.

Thank you and God Bless